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The Art of the Eight Limbs

The artistic expression of the power of the body along with spirituality and tradition.

 A powerful and unique practice, strengthening the character and the inner-self through discipline, self study and control. 

Eight limbs – the hands, shins, elbows, and knees are all used extensively in this art.

During the class you will:

•Learn the Muay thai technique

•Gain strength, agility, speed

•Cardio workout

•Functional training

•Mindfull streching

•Develop awareness of the body and breath

•Boost your self-confidence

Duration of class is 1h.

 All levels welcome. (No specific equipment required)

Me and the rest of the fight team of 2015 – Fight City Gym, London.

Contact Me

Alessandro is avalible for retreats, workshops, group sessions and private one-on-one sessions.

For all inquiries reach out:

Facebook: Naturcura

Instagram: naturcura

E-mail: [email protected]