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Learn the tools to gain control over your life and your mind, explore and empower yourself..

NATURCURA offer a variety of techniques that help gain awareness and control over the body and the mind, raising self-awareness and confidence. Practices such as Yoga,Tantra, breathwork, pranayama, muay-thai, meditation and more..

The aim of NATURCURA is to inspire people giving them the right tools to create their own reality and reach their higher potentials, creating a general strength and faith in humanity, that’s our mission click  here to see our project.

 We believe that as humans we are able to do a lot more than we are taught, by embracing a conscious and healthy life-style, by rediscovering the importance of nature in our lives and using the great gifts that nature gave us.  

Alessandro Di Benedetto, guides transformative journeys worldwide as a dedicated Tantra Teacher and Holistic Trainer, committed to awakening human consciousness.

With a profound dedication to awakening human consciousness, Alessandro seamlessly integrates extensive experiences, rigorous studies, and continuous training into his teachings. Over the past decade, his insatiable passion for learning, exploration, and self-development has led him to traverse the globe, working closely with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

A dedicated practitioner of Sadhana, Alessandro has immersed himself in Yoga, Tantra, various meditations, Muay Thai, embodiment practices, and Indian Classical music under the guidance of teachers from around the globe.

Alessandro effortlessly integrates his personal voyage of self-discovery into his teachings, adeptly merging the spiritual insights of Tantra and Yoga with breathwork practices, cold therapy, and embodiment techniques.

He firmly believes in the boundless potential of humanity, advocating for the transformative power of embracing a conscious and healthy lifestyle. His philosophy centers on rediscovering one’s true self, consciously utilizing nature’s gifts, and empowering individuals to embody their truth in daily life and relationships.

In his retreats, Alessandro creates a sacred space for participants to engage in constant dynamic meditation, facilitating a journey of self-exploration and authentic connections. His ultimate goal is to inspire individuals by providing them with the tools to shape their own reality, reach higher potentials, and instill a general strength and faith in humanity.


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Alessandro is avalible for retreats, workshops, group sessions and private one-on-one sessions.

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