Human Ability Development trainings are developed by Alessandro for many year- inspired by his own self practices, studies and experiences.

It is a training that focuses on the uniqueness of each individual and moment-letting go of the mind, trusting the present and our intuition.

We open the door to all the possibilities of expressions of our body, mind and emotions.

Each training is distinct and adjusted depending on the individuals that are taking part of it, and what we want to work on that specific moment.

These trainings may include Mindful and Authentic movement, Animal flow, Vipassana teaching, Muay Thai, functional training ,Cold therapy and more..

The average duration of a session is 2h

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Alessandro is avalible for retreats, workshops, group sessions and private one-on-one sessions.

For all inquiries reach out:

Facebook: Naturcura

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e-mail: [email protected]