A project that comes from a long journey, made up of experiences,studies and practices

After 7 years of traveling, working and studying around the world, I want to put together all this experience and create a little paradise where people can learn, explore, share their knowledge and be present.

A place to experience different spiritual practices and physical training and re-discover the importance of nature in our lives. Follow a healthy life-style and empower ourselves using the tools that life gifted us, in the midst of nature..

There are infinite amounts of practices that can help us get back to our natural state, find inner peace and connect.

I want to create a space that brings people together.

A space to hold retreats and workshops, events and classes that allow ANYONE to come heal, develop, learn and discover themselves through different practices.

A base for us, and a space that invites anyone wanting to share their knowledge to do so.

My vision is to create a place where anyone is welcome and can take part of the training and programs. A place where economical status will not stop people from achieving personal growth and development. There will be various kinds of programs and workshops and different ways to be part of them, different accommodation options, and the option for volunteering and helping out in different ways in exchange.

From the first year starting to host at least 1 donation based retreat.

The vision for the future is to be able to hold more and more donation based programs, retreats and events, this of course will happen with the years since first need to build economic base and become as self sustainable as possible.

In the last 5 years I’ve been living from a backpack, all my income is from classes, workshops etc. and goes into study, travel and saving for this project, so if you have been part – or you will take part in one of my classes, workshops, retreats or treatments – you already are helping me build this paradise, for all of us..

I already found a land in the north of Portugal that would be the perfect place to give life to this little paradise

A lot of energy and economic strength is required so if you would like to support the project donate contact us and in exchange you will get a coupon worth the same value of your donation to use in any of the events on the land or to use for any of my training.

Thank You🙏

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For any information, events, etc.

Facebook: Naturcura

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