TISS teacher training

In April 2024 TISS Teacher training 4 weeks programs that will allow you to go really deep in your Journey to Integrity and full expression of the self, opening the door for sharing your gifts with the world. 

April 2024

After the 4 weeks program you will have the chance of assisting and practice your teaching skills in all our events and training around the world.
We want to give full attention to each single participants the course we will have a maximum number of 18 participants, so if you feel the call book your spot in advance✨

    The program will be divided in 4 modules

Week 1: A journey into love..
Our life it self is a journey into Love, Love is our essence and a life lived with Love lead as to experience fully our truth and it’s potential..
A big aspect of Tantra is self practice and discipline.. Just the power of love towards our self and life can help us to be really committed to our self growth and expansion towards our higher self, trough this devotion to Sādhanā we can find inner peace and connect deeper with our self and the others.
before to reach God we have to learn how to be humans, in this journey towards our authenticity we will have the support of our self practices and discipline, using it to create deeper connection with our self and each others, exploring our vulnerability, desire, powers and love, giving space to whatever is alive in the present moment fully expressing our truth, feeling the essence of Tantra. 

Week 2: Letting go & New beginning.
We have to able die many times in 1 life time, to be able to make space for growth & evolution, dying in the sense of letting go of our beliefs or emotions that keep us anchored to the past or stagnant in our life, the nature it self is changing all the time, all around us in transforming all the time and we can consciously choose to join the flow of nature keeping ourselves ready to adapt and learn from each present moment allowing the expansion of our consciousness and existence..  we will be working on letting go of whatever is not need it in our life transform in growth use it as an opportunity to learn more while supporting each other on this process, re discovering our self and the beauty of learning, receiving and sharing our experience with others. 

Week 3: Sacred sexuality.
Our life force and our sexual energy originate from the same source, without the sexual act we would not exist. 
Sexual energy is one of the most powerful energy and the only one that can create life and create deep bonding between humans, In the modern society it become something to do not talk about publicly or be ashame of.. Creating so much confusion, trauma, taboo and shame around it.. A healthy relationship with this powerful life force can impower our self and the people we connect with.. We will explore through different practices all the beauty of this life force, reconnecting  with it without shame giving to it the importance it deserves. 

Week 4: Be a leader create leaders.
Being a leader come with responsibility.
Responsibility as integrity,authenticity inclusiveness are essential to be a good leader.

Sharing our gift is part of the natural process of our existence just with being ourselves living our life we do impact others life, as a Leader we can really touch others souls when we share something that is fully integrated in our lives, in our being, each of us is unique and have their own gifts and experiences of life that can impower others, we will explore the theory and practices of facilitating and creating your own  workshop, you will have the chance to co-teach your workshop with the support of the main teacher, we will dive in the boundaries, aftercare and all the essential topics you need to be aware as a Teacher. 

After the 4 weeks each participants of the course will get an individual assessment where there will be an authentic valuation from the main facilitator where will be discussed if you actually are ready to teach and facilitate group workshops and receive your certification or what would be most suitable next step to take for getting where you wish and everyone that have completed the 4 weeks course will be able to keep the apprenticeship through assisting in any of our events or workshops, where you will get practical experience as a teacher and in some cases even be able to teach in our events or retreats.

To be able to give attention to each participants we have a limited number of 18 participants.


Regular price: 4000€

Early Bird 3500€ 

3 spot as helper : 2500€ ( you can apply to be a helper just if you had take part of one of our Tantra retreat in the past) 

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